Collective behavior of particles in fluids
Paris, December 14-17, 2020

Mads Kyed (TU Darmstadt)

Periodic forcing of a thin elastic structure interacting with a viscous fluid

Elastic structures may react in a resonant manner to periodic forcing. Specifically if the structure is undamped, a periodic forcing that excites the structure on one or more of its eigenfrequencies will lead to a resonant response. The interaction with a viscous fluid constitutes a damping mechanism via energy dissipation in the moving fluid that may prevent a resonant response. I will talk about how to quantify the damping effect of a Navier-Stokes liquid in a fluid-structure interaction system consisting of a thin elastic plate on a fluid reservoir, and address the question of whether or not the corresponding hyperbolic-parabolic coupled free boundary problem has a non-resonant solution regardless of the forcing frequency.