Collective behavior of particles in fluids
Paris, December 14-17, 2020
Welcome to the webpage for the workshop "Collective behavior of particles in fluids" to be held from December 14 to 17, 2020. Initially planned in Paris at Institut Henri Poincaré, this meeting will take place entirely online due to the COVID-19 situation.

This workshop is devoted to the rigorous analysis of the collective behavior of suspensions of particles in fluids. Such multiphysics systems and their complex dynamics have indeed aroused an increasing interest in different areas of mathematics in recent years. The workshop aims to bring together different points of view, and provide an overview of important challenges, ideas, and techniques, through a number of panoramic lectures. Speakers include: Leonid Berlyand, Muriel Boulakia, David Gérard-Varet, Antoine Gloria, François Golse, Christiane Helzel, Matthieu Hillairet, Richard Höfer, Mads Kyed, Aline Lefebvre-Lepot, Amina Mecherbet, Sylvia Serfaty, and Frank Sueur

The workshop aims to foster exchanges between mathematicians and physicists working in related areas. To this aim, two mini-courses will be given by physicists: one by Elisabeth Guazzelli on sedimentation, and the other by Pierre Gaspard on active fluids. The workshop also includes a lecture by Salvatore Torquato on hyperuniform states of matter.

The workshop is organized by Mitia Duerinckx with financial support from the CNRS-Momentum program.

Registration: Please fill in and send this registration form.

Contact: The organiser can be reached by e-mail at this address.